Customized wash racks
for convincing wash results

Besides washers, alphaphoenix also develops and produces wash racks that are built according to your requirements. Due to our high flexibility and extensive experience, we not only design and manufacture wash racks for various manufacturers, but individually customize them by adapting them to your wash items. Thus, you receive a product which can be optimally integrated into your production environment.

The wash racks are made from electro-polished stainless steel. The piping system required for the internal cleaning (=3 % slope is connected to the machine's pipe system via a self- cleaning coupling device). All wash racks are delivered to you with a full documentation and all certificates. Our cleaning systems as well as our wash racks are manufactured in compliance with cGMP and FDA standards.


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Wash racks from alphaphoenix

»   Production according to cGMP standards
»   Self-cleaning coupling system
»   Complete documentation
»   Individually adapted to different wash items
»   Production for washing machines of various manufacturers
»   Automated loading and unloading possible