Fully cGMP compliant
development and design

reproducible, documented cleaning processes Under the designation 'PW series', alphaphoenix GmbH develops and produces washing machines for the pharmaceutical industry. The requirements of our customers are our guidelines. Hence we produce washers in different sizes, and individually adapt them to the building conditions of your company's premises - from small-parts washers for labware over barrel cleaning systems up to cleaning equipment for IBC's.

Our washers are suitable for all pharmaceutical production processes. They comply with national and international standards and regulations for quality assurance in the manufacture of pharmaceutical products, such as DIN, EHEDG, EN, VDE, IEC, cGMP, GAMP and FDA. This ensures that our machines and systems always meet your requirements with regard to hygiene and production safety.

Simple operation

alphaphoenix washers are characterized by their user-friendly, well-structured, and therefore simple operation. The entering of machine commands as well as the rendering of functions occurs intuitively, whereas users can start the desired wash programs via touch-screen, or optimize the wash process my means of special functions.

At the end of each washing process, an automatically generated protocol is created, which can be either printed out or retrieved via the network. Clear displays inform the user or service technician about the current system parameters, the machine status or outstanding maintenance or service work. In order to further increase the ease of use for your staff, our accessories program includes manual as well as automatic loading and unloading aids and equipment.

In addition to their easy operation, alphaphoenix washers are service friendly. Various works can be carried out during operation without the necessity of dismantling any parts. Additionally, our systems are always secured through several password levels: only authorized staff can change settings. This means constant safety and transparency for you.

Suited for all kinds of wash items

Reproduzierbare Dokumentierbare Reinigungsprozesse

For your individual processes and wash items we offer you standard models with different-size wash chambers which we customize according to your needs.


»   Mirror-polished wash chambers (Ra = 0,6 �m)
»   Self-draining pipework (granted slope of > 3% at any point)
»   No crevices nor dead spots (of entire system including wash racks)
»   One-door machine design or pass through system for separation of "clean" and "unclean" sides (horizontal or vertical sliding door)
»   Highly efficient drying system with HEPA filter
»   Fully rounded heating elements for residue-free self-cleaning


»   Auto-diagnosing PLC for qualified cleaning of the wash item
»   Individually configurable wash cycles
»   Concductivity measurement during final rinse
»   Reliable process monitoring and documentation of pressure, temperature, conductivity, TOC, etc
»   Safe report generation via network or printer for validation
»   Eco mode for the final rinse saves up to 80 % of highly purified water


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    »   cGMP-compliant wash processes
    »   Simple operation via touch screen
    »   Full control over the entire cleaning process
    »   Low consumption of energy and highly purified water
    »   Easy integration into production processes
    »   Easy service and maintenance