The specialists for cleaning equipment

alphaphoenix GmbH is one of the leading suppliers of cleaning equipment for the pharmaceutical industry. Its portfolio includes the development, manufacture and sales of cleaning equipment, their accessories and an extensive maintenance and service program. Internationally operating pharmaceutical companies trust in the high quality we provide.

alphaphoenix cleaning equipment impress with quality and allow full control of the complete cleaning process. Their consumption of energy, detergents and high-purity water is economical. The intuitive operation of the machines, as well as their simple integration into your production processes reduce your overhead and staff cost. The high availability of the machines and the projectable cycle times help increase the productivity in your company.


Our experience � your competitive advantage

Thanks to more than 30 years of experience of our staff in the production of special machinery for the pharmaceutical industry, we are able to offer cutting-edge, innovative, high-quality cleaning equipment.

Besides their professional qualifications in pharmaceutical cleaning processes, the qualities of our specialized employees and engineers include curiosity, willingness to learn, constant professional training and flexibility. With their passion for design, their know-how and their creativity they find efficient solutions to increase your benefit.

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Products and core competencies

»   Planning, development, production and sales of cleaning equipment for the pharmaceutical industry

»   Development and production of custom-built wash racks for cleaning machines of various manufacturers

»   Many years of experience in optimization of cleaning processes

»   Pharmaceutically compliant documentations

»   Maintenance, service and trainings for operating and maintenance staff